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More help is greatly appreciated! It will benefit those who have had to handle the bulk of pending submissions every week and they can safely go inactive when they need to.

If you want to become a Co-Founder to vote with us, Please send your request to us in a Group Note so we can send you the invitation. There was some issues retrieving the Journal comments below the Correspondence Items notifications, but we will receive your Group Notes guaranteed.

Thank you for reading.

Sep 4, 2016, 7:47:08 PM

The more Co-Founders we have, the fewer the pending submissions are in the Co-Founders' inboxes on a daily basis, and it'll further decrease the chances of deviations expiring while guaranteeing that other Co-Founders will be online to vote if a few of them go offline for a while.

If you wish to become a Co-Founder for this group, simply comment on this Journal and you will receive an Co-Founder invitation! We really appreciate the help!

That is all.
Since many of you have joined this group without thoroughly understanding our guidelines, here's your chance. If you believe your artwork doesn't follow these rules - Please leave. Continuing to submit regardless to our regulations will result in your works being: Declined, Removed from the Gallery, and possibly kicking you out of the group.

:bulletblack::bulletblack:  We do NOT accept:  :bulletblack::bulletblack:

:bulletred: Non-portraits. This is obvious, but remember that the works you're submitting should meet the criteria of what Portrait means.
:bulletred: deviantIDs, snapshots, blurry and/or noisy photographs and photography with bad quality/light/composition. (This applies to photographs of drawings!)
:bulletred: Body parts, limbs, even parts of a face. There has to be half of a face in your portraits.
:bulletred: Sketches and WIP (work in progress).
:bulletred: Nudes unless they are really artistic and unique. - No suggestive poses!
:bulletred: Anime/Manga regardless of form (Traditional, Digital, Photography, etc).
:bulletred: Animal portraits (In any form)
:bulletred: Work that isn't yours anymore. (example: a portrait of you made by your friend and submitted by you on dA)
:bulletred: Works with huge deviantART watermarks.

:bulletblack: Portraits of Conceptual/Fictitious figures can be submitted to the Miscellaneous folder. (This applies to Caricature.)
:bulletblack: If your picture is submitted into the wrong folder it will be declined, so please consider submitting to the appropriate folders.
:bulletblack: Do not complain about certain deviations in our gallery that goes against the group rules. Violating deviations gets removed once a Co-Founder spots them, so it's advised to notify us of the new submissions instead of complaining.
:bulletblack: Since our group has grown into more than 13,000 members, we have decided to judge work by quality, creativity, composition, etc., and we pleasantly ask you not to be sad/mad when we decline your work and not to be discouraged neither, we will try our best to help you!

Thank you.
We have a LOT submissions into the wrong folder.
Please people, have a look which folder you use when you submit your work!
It seems i'm the only active left....:D

I found out how to set the right settings for the new photography folder. So now you can submit your portrait-photos again :)

As FlourineSpark sadly left the co-founder team we need  new experienced co founders for all your work- in this case: Traditional & Digital Art.
I think we should at least have two co-founders for this section, as there are always many many submissions every day.
This job needs time!
Just think about it well, cause you will have to spend an hour or so, maybe more everyday voting and then explaining why the deviation was declined, and so on.
You need to know our rules and vote by them.
So- if you like to do it-please comment and i (or hopefully we) will message with you then.

Hi guys,

unfortunately with increasingly demanding work (a lot of travel) and my other personal projects piling up, I will not be able to be fulfilling my duty as admin for traditional and digital art of this group. I've posted similar notice in the admin area but didn't receive any reply from the founders. I'm so sorry about this, but it would be irresponsible for me to continue being the admin while unable to review works at least on a weekly bases.

I don't know what would happen to this group since the founders has been unresponsive. This is a great group with a lot of great members, it's a shame that it goes into limbo... But there's very little I can do.

My sincere apologies and wish you all the best in your pursue of art.

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